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Offset your CO2 emissions by planting bamboo on our certified plantation in Africa. With every offset, you contribute to a greener planet. Calculate how much CO2 you emit directly.

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Invest in Bamboo Village today to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Together we fight against global warming and contribute to a greener and future-proof planet. Are you in?

Calculate and gain insight into your CO2 emissions.
Choose whether you want to become climate neutral or climate positive.
Compensate your CO2 emissions by planting bamboo.
We will get started immediately. Together, we address CO2.
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For companies

Curious about how much CO2 your business emits? Calculate your environmental impact and offset it immediately with our certified bamboo plantation.

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For individuals

Want to offset your personal carbon footprint? Calculate how much CO2 you emit and offset it by planting bamboo in Africa.

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Looking to offset CO2 emissions on a larger scale or do you want to compensate the environmental impact of your customers? Sponsor a part of our plantation and offset your CO2 emissions. Contact us, and we'll explore the possibilities together.

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The plantation
in Uganda

There is work to be done every day on our plantation. Local residents maintain and manage the plantation, growing young bamboo plants and harvesting parts of the plants as needed. Curious about what the plantation looks like?

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We aim to create a safe and meaningful life for everyone on the planet, now and in the future, within the Earth's natural boundaries.

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it started

Bamboo Village was founded in 2018 with the goal of combating climate change while contributing to the well-being of the local population. By planting native bamboo, CO2 from the atmosphere is absorbed into the plants and soil. This is how we combat global warming.

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