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Offset the CO2 emissions of your lifestyle by planting bamboo in Africa. First calculate how much CO2 you want to offset.

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Calculate CO2 emissions

How individual
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Compensate for energy consumption

Calculate the CO2 emissions of your household energy consumption and offset the emissions.

Compensate for a flight vacation

Calculate the CO2 emissions of your trip. What is the environmental impact of your flight vacation?

Compensate for car use

Calculate the emissions from your car journeys and offset the CO2 emissions.

Compensate for your lifestyle

Did you know that an average person on Earth emits 3.4 tons of CO2 per year? Choose your location, number of individuals, and days, and offset your average CO2 emissions.

Useful when filling out

Are you going to calculate the CO2 emissions of your personal lifestyle? Grab the following items; it's convenient for calculating your emissions.
- Annual statement from your energy supplier.
- Information about the car you drive.

Offset your CO2 emissions right away

By planting bamboo
in Africa

With Bamboo Village, you aim for a more sustainable future. Do you want to reduce the impact of your energy consumption, car usage, flight vacations, or eating habits on the environment? With us, you can easily calculate your personal CO2 emissions and take action to offset them.

What is CO2 offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a powerful way to reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions caused by our daily activities. At Bamboo Village we believe in using natural solutions to combat climate change. That's why we offer you the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of your lifestyle by planting bamboo on our certified plantation in Africa.

That is how it works

Calculate your CO2 emissions
With our tool, you can easily calculate your CO2 emissions based on your energy consumption, car usage, flight vacations, or eating habits. This gives you insight into your personal environmental impact.

Purchase carbon credits
After calculating your CO2 emissions, you can buy carbon credits to offset your emissions. These certified credits represent the amount of CO2 removed by planting bamboo on our plantation in Africa.

‍Make positive impact
Immediately after your purchase you will receive an order confirmation by email. This confirms your contribution to a greener planet.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is an exceptional climate-friendly plant.
It grows quickly and absorbs more CO2 than many other trees and plants. Bamboo has various applications, including construction material, so that CO2 remains stored in buildings.

Join us
and make a difference

Together, we can combat climate change and secure the future of our planet. Calculate your personal CO2 emissions today and offset them by planting bamboo. Together, we make a positive impact and strive for a greener and healthier planet for future generations.

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