Our story

Bamboo Village was founded in 2018 with the goal of combating poverty and climate change. By planting and growing bamboo (these plants absorb CO2), we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

The plantation in Africa

Bamboo Village's first certified bamboo plantation is located in Uganda, about 150 kilometers northwest of the capital, Kampala. The plantation is maintained with the help of local residents and has a very positive impact at a local level by creating employment, providing bamboo as a valuable resource, and greening the landscape.

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Why bamboo?

Bamboo is known for its ability to quickly absorb CO2, grows rapidly, and is an indigenous plant in Uganda. When planting young bamboo with the residents, we prioritize environmentally friendly cultivation. This means no use of pesticides, mostly manual maintenance, and utilizing the river on our own land.

Preserving the plantation's biodiversity is a top priority, ensuring it is not clear-cut and maintaining ground-covering vegetation and a swamp area on our plantation.

What we have achieved

We have been involved with CO2 compensation since 2018
The first country
where we established
a bamboo plantation
10+ companies
Who offset their CO2 emissions through Bamboo Village
The plantation is officially certified through ONCRA
What do we do with the proceeds?

A part of the profit is invested locally

We believe it is important that we make a local impact. By purchasing bamboo you contribute to local development in Uganda. Every year, part of the bamboo plantation is carefully harvested. We use the harvested bamboo to build houses for villagers or make construction materials.


The goal

Working together

With great passion, we are building Bamboo Village, combating climate change, and improving the lives of people in Africa. Will you join us in creating a sustainable future?

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Our certification

We are very proud that our plantation in Uganda has been certified by ONCRA for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. In this way, we contribute to the fight against climate change in a transparent manner.

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