A real powerhouse

Bamboo can be used as a construction material in various ways due to its strong and durable characteristics. Because of its strength, bamboo is suitable for building houses or schools, often serving as the primary structure for walls, floors, and even roofs. Bamboo is known for its impressive tensile strength. It’s capable of bearing substantial loads which makes it an excellent choice.
Bamboo is an eco-friendly construction material because it grows rapidly, is renewable, and has minimal negative environmental impact compared to other construction materials. Using bamboo as a construction material not only offers sustainability and strength but also contributes to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building construction.

What happens
with your purchase?

We prioritize making a local impact. By buying bamboo, you contribute to local development in Africa. Each year, a part of the bamboo plantation is carefully harvested, ensuring that no more than 25% of the bamboo plants are harvested to allow them to regrow. Bamboo plants have a long lifespan, and we can harvest them annually for up to 100 years. From the harvested bamboo, we create new products. With your contribution, we build homes for our employees and village residents. We can also make construction materials from the harvested bamboo. The benefit? The CO2 stored in the plants remains preserved. Consequently, no CO2 is released from the bamboo when it's processed into construction materials.

Why our plantation is certified

We're dedicated to transparency

Our bamboo plantation is certified by ONCRA for removing CO2 from the atmosphere to ensure that we do not issue more carbon credits than is actually possible. Do you have questions about our ONCRA certification? We are here to provide you with all the information you need.

About the certification