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Offset your company's CO2 emissions with our bamboo projects in Africa. Calculate how much CO2 your company emits right away.

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Electricity consumption

Calculate the impact of your office or company building's electricity consumption and offset the CO2 emissions. Perhaps you lease an office space and can't make it more sustainable? Then offsetting offers the solution.

Business car trips

Do you want to offset the emissions from your employees' commuting or their trips to business meetings? Calculate the CO2 emissions and offset them.

Business flights

Are there business flights within your organization? Calculate and offset the emissions from these flights.

Calculate your total emissions?

Would you like to calculate the total footprint of your company? This is possible with Footprint4All. Or contact our partner Greenhouse Sustainability for a customized calculation.

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Carbon offsetting

for your company

Are you taking steps toward a more sustainable business operation? And are you looking for ways to reduce your company's CO2 emissions? With us, you can offset your organization's CO2 emissions in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is essential for companies to take responsibility in the fight against climate change. This allows you to reduce the environmental impact of your business activities, which is beneficial for your company's image and reputation.

Immediately after your purchase you will receive a certificate by email. This certificate confirms your contribution to a greener planet.

Why offset?

Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services, making companies prioritize sustainability. By offsetting CO2 emissions, you contribute not only to reducing global warming but also align with the expectations of your customers and stakeholders.

What information do you need?

Before you begin, gather information about the business vehicles in your fleet or retrieve the annual bill from your energy supplier. This will make calculating your CO2 emissions much easier.

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